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Specially for itch.io we made the Death Crown - itch.io edition! Only in the itch.io edition a Mighty Dragon will accompany you on the map! In addition, you will receive a game key for Steam!

Death Crown is a minimalist real time strategy game in a 1bit style, where you will be play Death herself, commanding her legions of death, and punishing humanity's Kingdom for its overconfidence.

Key features:

  • Clear strategic gameplay. Clear strategic gameplay. Everything is very simple: you only have barracks producing troops, mines producing gold, and towers protecting your buildings. Every building is integral to your success!
  • Local multiplayer. Punishing pitiful humans in co-op with a friend is much more fun! And after that you can find out which one of you is cooler in the PVP mode.
  • A memorable visual style. Seriously, how many strategy games in 1bit do you know?
  • Unique story. Upgrade your troops, march through your foe's lands, sowing death and destruction, behold the fall of the Humanity's Kingdom in the breathtaking campaign.

The Story

At the end of the millennial war, when all the cemeteries were overcrowded with the bodies of the dead, came the one who was called The King. Thanks to his unyielding will, The King managed to subdue and unite all the lands. The Kingdom appeared, and the era of the Human began. 
The King ruled wisely and fairly, but his time on this land ran out: Death came after him. But the will of The King was so strong that he could deny Death.
He grew so proud that he humiliated Death itself. The idea of the overwhelming power and immortality didn't leave his mind. The King realized that power over the living was not enough for him.
The King decided to get the powerful artefact known as the Death Crown. Thus begins the War of the Death Crown.

Demonic Menacehttps://co5monaut.itch.io/death-crown-demonic-menace


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $9.99 USD. Your purchase comes with a Steam key. You will get access to the following files:

Death_Crown_1.2.2_x64_itch_io.zip 188 MB
Death_Crown_1.2.2_x86_itch_io.zip 184 MB
Ligh tn ing - Death Crown Soundtrack.zip 211 MB
if you pay $12.99 USD or more

Download demo

Death_Crown_Demo_x64_v2.zip 62 MB
Death_Crown_Demo_x86_v2.zip 59 MB

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wow, nice graphics


Doesn't look like my kinda game, but I had to drop in and say the visuals look absolutely stunning.


Imagine the cursor hands slapping each other away on local multiplayer :D

Just bought the game on the Humble Store, and the DRM-free build I downloaded from there is called "Death_Crown_0.11.5_x64_itch_io.zip", which seems to be quite outdated compared to the one available here (v1.1.17).

Could you please update the downloadable build on Humble?



Oh yes, thank you, we will update! Sorry!

No problem. Just downloaded the new build, thanks!

If I buy it here, will I get the dlc too?

No, sorry, the DLC is sold separately, on itch.io you can buy it as a standalone game.

dang, did not see the fine print about the soundtrack... i already own this on ps5, that's literally the only reason i bought it here. is there anywhere else to grab the soundtrack?

you can pay a little extra on itch.io, you can also buy on Steam or listen on youtube :)


I don't normally play RTS games but this was great  


The art and music are amazing. Loving the gameplay too!

Is it just me or the "practice mode" is the hardest thing?

Any chance it's possible to go into nightmode and swap the white/black?


Yes, you can change the color scheme in the settings menu.

Awesome, gonna give it a look.


Originally just downloaded this game for the art style, but ended up falling in love with the story and gameplay, it looks simple but very quickly becomes a real challenge that requires you to think and react quickly  

This is great, thank you! I hope you can still win the cube! In any case you can turn on the easy mode that we added recently.

(1 edit) (+1)

I could but easy mode feels like cheating, and you don't get the same level of accomplishment when you eventually win since you don't feel like you earned it. Love the game though, and your art style is truly amazing. 


In the beginning I thought so, too, so for a long time opposed the idea of Easy Mode. But over time I came to the conclusion that the game is quite hard, not only because of its mechanics, but also because of its visual style, and we also have a pretty random AI, as well as a few hints, which we explain quite superficially (eg, about difficult ways and demolition of their own buildings). Many people play badly in RTS, just because they have never played them. All this has led me to believe that Easy Mode is not shameful and that many people really need it :)

That's fair enough.

well Said 


Wonderful game very simplistic and i love it https://youtu.be/Wt_3puSyY7Q

Oh, it's cool, great video!! Thank you!

No problem at all very good work on the game


A beautiful, dark, minimalist RTS. Easy to pick up. Impossible to put down. Simply electrifying.


Молодцы братишки! Так держать!




Wow this game is crazy good. I would love to see more games with this tone and style. 

I would buy another game made by this developer, even if it didn't share the tone and style.


Gameplay :)


Any other systems in the future?  :-) Would love to play tis (and pay for i t 15$ ?) on my Switch.

We will try so that you have such an opportunity :)

i bought the game but the download buttons are grayed and marked as "preorder" (except for the soundtrack), isn't the game released ?

Sorry, my bad! Now everything should work fine

(1 edit) (+1)

Thanks, it works and i tried the game on steam yesterday, it's really fun to play and i really love the pixel art+artistic direction !


I am playing through the itch.io Windows app and I think it might be downloading the demo instead of the full game. I played 2 matches and then got a "Thank you for playing" screen. I can view the map if I select to continue the campaign but can't seem to select anything. Any idea on how to fix this?


My downloadable version on the storefront is the full game. So I just think the itch.io desktop app needs to be updated

+1 I'm having the same issue!

Hello! Maybe this is my mistake. I tried to fix it. Please check again :)

What does the Mighty Dragon in the itch.io ONLY version do other than accompany the player?


nothing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
We just wanted to please the itch.io players a little bit, because we really love this platform (●♡∀♡)

Deleted 4 years ago

Sorry to hear that! Try downloading from your library or using the itch.io application. If it doesn’t work out, you can always use the Steam Key.


Hi Cosmonaut!

Great game, beautiful aesthetic! Bravo :)

I got a question.





In the campaign, at the last mission, you just click on the flag and cut to the animation? There is no fight?


PS: would be really cool to be able to play the AI on randomly generated maps. A tought for the future.

All the best,

(1 edit)

Thank you!
The answer to your question is yes!
PS: we will have an update with 30 new maps soon


Sounds good!

All the best


Okay this demo is really good. Im a fans of games like Microcosmum: survival of cells, Auralux, Starlink etc and this one little demo give a big feel of that genre



Pretty neat game! Artwork is absolutely amazing! Unfortuantly, as much as I would love to see more of the game, way to difficult for me to get through. A difficulty slider would be nice as the enemy AI seems like a perfect player, which doesn't feel like it goes well against someone fresh out of the tutorial.

Not sure if the enemy barracks are also towers, I wasn't paying too much attention to my troops heading out, but the enemy was only ever using the barracks, if that's the case it seems pretty unfair as the enemy only then has 2 buildings, one of which has the ability of 2 of mine, and I need all three which clogs my area more than theirs. If that's not the case, the enemy is just too good for me and I don't think I can keep up.

Made a video, hope you enjoy! 

Deleted 2 years ago

Awesome demo! I really did enjoy it, and not just as a YouTuber, I did find the game-play compelling and fun, I look forward to the full version on steam! Here is my video of the game if you would like to see some of it for yourselves.

(1 edit)

Thanks! Awesome and interesting video! Such videos help us make the game better. We watch how people play and try to make the gameplay more interesting. 


I had a great time with the demo, and was particularly impressed by the opening cutscene and the overworld map. I've wishlisted on steam and eagerly await the full release, but have a couple questions:

Will there be additional cinematics as you progress through the full game? 

Will the interesting landmarks on the map (I adore the cube in the top left) factor into gameplay in any way?


Thank you!
Yes! These interesting landmark are bosses. Each boss will have their own battle mechanics and a small cutscene :)

That's great to hear! I am even more excited for the game now.


Cool demo! Loved the artwork and gameplay. It was fun!


Игра хороша, надеюсь что будет больше вариантов прохождения уровней, больше войск, здание и мб какая магия будет :) 

Мне понравилась, буду ждать релиз ;)


Just played the demo.

This is great.  Congratulations !

The gameplay is brillant, easy to understand, minimalist yet well rounded, it works perfectly with the fast pace of the game (I mean, I think it is fast-paced for a strategy game imho).

The visuals are gorgeous. It reminds me of the Macintosh Classic of my childhood !

Maybe you should consider a Mac version, there is clearly nostalgia involved here [to be clear, I'm not a Mac user].

Sorry to say but I think that the background music for battles is annoying, it... just loops too much :|

That being said the soundtrack itself is good, very consistent with the visuals, efficients sfx...

I'd love to have an option to change the keys (I'm on a french azerty keyboard and the 'q' 'w' 'e' setting is not very convenient here...).


Thanks for the detailed feedback. We're already working on the Mac version and the addition of new combat music.
Special thanks for the feedback about azerty-keyboard, this is a surprise for us. :)

still on the bench?

my antivirus keeps saying its a virus

I assure you there are no viruses there. We have connected Unity analyst, which collects impersonal data about your wins / losses in the game. Perhaps your firewall or antivirus responds to this. You can prohibit sending your data at your discretion. ¯ \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯


I was thinking it would be more slow-paced but it just throws you in the deep end. That king needs to be punished fast. :)


It's very cool, dude! Thanks! (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و


I tried the demo!

Art: Looks great. Like the macabre theme.

Gameplay: Pretty good so far. Didn't like how barracks do nothing if their target is destroyed... I ended up just targeting the castle so I didn't have to keep re-choosing targets (and sadly that worked better than worrying about micro-ing them).

Tutorial: Good. Only thing that wasn't clear was capturing Crystals. Had to play it a second time to get that putting a fence around the crystal meant "capture" - but still not sure what benefit they give.

Favorite part: The campaign map.

Top request: Wish there was a more clear visual when you choose an invalid target  with a barracks (like a crystal or empty hex).

Thank you for your kind words, and for your feedback! 

But, the restructuring of the barracks path is part of the gameplay, much like the command of units in the Starcraft. It is hard to remove it so that game remains interesting and challenging. But we are constantly thinking how to make it less intrusive. Ideas that we discuss:

1. Indication of one target for all barracks at once.
2. The button that highlights the inactive barracks.

Yes, our textbook is not very good. Thanks for pointing out our mistakes, we'll fix everything!

Your idea about cursors is already on our Trello! :)


Very very cool. Where can I find the title image from the trailer? Would look rad on a T-shirt. 

Original size image from trailer:  https://i.imgur.com/EG5Ie4n.jpg
Alas, I don't have a clean contour in PNG format, only with white background ¯ \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯


This game looks fucking awesome!

Would you consider making a Mac version?


Thanks you!
Perhaps  the mac version will be on release. Or maybe not  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


please :)))


this is really good!


Looks so awesome, please be cool yourself and make a Mac version!


Pretty interesting arcade RTS!


Love the style! Will be keeping an eye on this project.

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