Happy Birthday to Death Crown! New game? T-Shirts? Wow!

Hello, Death Warriors!

Today is a big day! Death Crown is three years old! 

Death Crown was our first game and holds a special place in our hearts. We are very pleased that you are with us all this time and support our game and us. I am very proud of our game and its community!

Thank you so much, Death Warriors! 

And now for the news! 

In honor of such a momentous occasion, we've decided to do something that many have thought about, sometimes even asked about. Of course, it's Death Crown t-shirts! 

prints if the campaign is successful! 

We used a service to print and distribute the t-shirts:


The service has great reviews and excellent printing quality! Four types of t-shirt styles in two colors each!

To get a t-shirt you need to pre-order a t-shirt on the website, wait for the end of the campaign, and get the package.

The campaign will last one month. There will be no more t-shirts with this print. But we will make other 

And we have more great news! Three years is a long time. In three years we've managed to release two DLCs for Death Crown, as well as a lot of big and not-so-big updates. But you may have noticed that updates haven't been released for a while, and there's an explanation for that. We have been working on a new game! 

We decided to try our hand at a new genre on a completely different engine and in a completely different style! 

We present our new game The Fridge Is Red!  It's a PSX-style horror game, and it's coming out on September 27th!

Honestly, I don't know how many fans of Death Crown there are of retro horror games, but I hope that you are interested in me :) 

Oh yeah, there's a little update in the game, a battle with a demonic red(!) fridge!


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Aug 23, 2022
Aug 23, 2022

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