Easy Mode Update

Hello, Death Warriors!

Today we want to present you an update designed to make your life a little easier, especially for beginners. 

By popular request, we have added Easy Mode to the campaign. You can switch between Easy Mode and Normal Mode at any time on the map screen. You can beat the game 100% in Easy Mode. We have not added new achievements. 

I would also like to remind you that there is not much time left to wait for Demonic Menace. This will be a continuation of the original campaign, where you have to guide the demons and invade the Undead's Dungeon. The demons will come on November 12.


Death_Crown_0.11.1_x64_itch_io.zip 122 MB
Oct 06, 2020
Death_Crown_0.11.1_x86_itch_io.zip 119 MB
Oct 06, 2020

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