Hidden Goblins is like Hidden Folks (a hand-drawn searching game) with quests and base building.
It's a little prototype of a game we'd like to make someday.

Idea/Game Design/Art— Olga Shershneva

Programmer —  CO5MONAUT

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(18 total ratings)
AuthorsCO5MONAUT, olya_fry
Made withConstruct


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love this! especially that song. hope the goblins are okay

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Played it yesterday with the family. We had fun gathering all the goblins. Thank you for the game, it was good!


Well, I did the whole quest (without finding the quest log because the game is too big for my browser window), then had one goblin left and clicked "menu" to see what it would do and was forced to start over. However, I think I've now broken the quest progression...


I moved the windmill blades before talking to the miller. His daughter showed up and she sang her song but wouldn't say anything about feeling calmer. I went through the quest progression again afterward, but after talking to the miller the daughter's dialogue didn't change, and I don't think I can do anything else. That means I'm locked out of the tree goblin as far as I can tell.


Love it! music and aesthetics.
I was hoping using the portal for more golbins...


I found all of them fairly easily but I've been stuck at "one" for awhile now. Hmm...!

psst  check the cabbage ;)


It was actually just a dang tree! =)

Thanks for the experience, that was a lot of fun.

Oh, those goblins! 

Thanks for the nice feedback! 

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nice! although I got stumped i could not find the last one.

I know how you feel - I got stumped too, and the goblins didn't even leave me a clue!

did you finish the main quest 


I love the artwork and how crystal clear the game looks. It would be nice however if the scene was "busier" with objects and scenery. Good stuff!

Thanks for the feedback! We will definitely consider adding more objects and scenery to the game - after all, where would the goblins hide otherwise?


i love it! i loved hidden figures, too. i loved the little previews of a wider world - the tree, the horned villagers, the stone circle, the family records and of course, the golbins themselves! hopefully you make the full game someday


Thank you so much for your kind words! We are so glad to hear that you enjoyed our game and are very inspired by the world we created. We look forward to seeing what else we can create in the future!