A downloadable game for Windows

DO NOT TAKE YOUR EYES AWAY FROM THE RED FRIDGE is a collection of small first-person horror games with experimental mechanics inspired by SCP, Twilight Zone, and PS1-era horror games.

Key Features:

  • An unconventional approach to horror games.
  • Multiple stories in one game.
  • Retro styling.

We named the game after the first story of our anthology.
All you have to do is sit in your chair and keep looking at the fridge, or there will be consequences. However, it's not that easy.

The story began a few weeks ago when Frank and his daughter Lorie moved into an old house. The previous owner of the house had disappeared under unclear circumstances.

One day, Frank found Lorie's favorite doll and crayons near the old red fridge in the basement. The fridge turned out to possess otherworldly power, and anyone who looks away from it will no longer see daylight.

Frank has been sitting in the basement looking at the red fridge for several days already. Yet not only the fear of a terrible death keeps him in the basement, but also the hope of getting his daughter back.

You can already download the first chapter as a demo.

Gameplay Instructions

LMB click — to inspect objects
LMB hold — to drag objects

esc — to menu

Made for #UnrealJam

GameDesign — CO5MONAUT
3D/Animation — Artem Zaitsev
Programmer — Stas Pisarev
Sound — Konstantin Knerik
2D — Olga Shershneva



Development log


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Gotta say though I don't know if you can "win" I sure as hell had a fun time fucking around with this Red Fridge or as I called him GARRY!! 

I did this game in my messy mondays series, it was fun 

had fun with this game started to panic when the fridge got closer;)


Tried out the demo.

Last Time I Go To Get A Late Night Snack

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Really cool game. amazing sound design. A channel I mod for played it recently 


This game is awesome. Can I kiss the fridge 


Great Concept! reminded me of the game control.

Thank you! Yes, it does remind ahah 馃憖

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i can't play it ;(

Try to download the game on Steam. There, along with the game, you will be installed all the necessary software.


Thank you. I enjoyed this.


Very cool and original concept, I loved it!!


9 out of 10 times I avoid games with some spook in them. This one I could not resist. Amusing premise and the right execution of the idea.


I like the horror will try


( Your game begins at 08:28 )

Sometimes, I stumble upon games that get me immediately interested from title alone. This is one of them.

The premise is brilliant and hilarious, although I found the mechanics for moving things took surprisingly long to find out and get to work properly, and I wish there was sa bit more of an ending.

But those are gripes. The game in and f itself is deliciously bizarre, and I love the concept!


I pleyed this game with ghost study and let me just say i'm not buying a red fridge and i'll think twice when I see a red fridge in someones house! Come and see how it went in our end. 


This was hiliarious little game, I had some control troubles which made my playthrough more funny! 


This is a really good game!


I love the atmosphere in this game! Really spoopy and creepy. I think I ran into a bug where I could not move any objects though. Was I doing something wrong? Otherwise, it is a dope game!

Play this late at night...it'll make you work for it. Def enjoyed this one quite a bit  


A fun little game. Loved the idea and the atmosphere.


I've never been soo engaged to search for the D before hahaha I swear, the feeling you have inside when you have to look away for an extensive amount of time just eats away at you. Like my world is falling apart every time I turn my back lol. Love how this turned out!

Great work!

This game had TENSION!


The sound design in this game is so good! Hair stands on end everytime I Look away.

No Commentary All Notes

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Never thought I'd be scared to look away from a fridge, a red one no less, but here we are. The only thing I wanted to comment on this game is that the really could've been another button to pick things up. Like "e" or something instead of LMB hold, otherwise great little short game.


Developing a fear of fridges will no doubt help my new year's resolution - dieting. Love the concept and thicc atmosphere

My gameplay if anyone is interested and review ~14:50:


Very cool concept! Starts at 12:00.


Had tons of fun playing it it, better when i was drunk lol 


Very cool game, I love it. Very original.

keep up the good work!

btw if you are interested here is my video:


(start at 9:12) 
Don't Look away!!

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But I thought we were FRIENDS?! D:
Guys, I really have to stop befriending demon-fridges...
YOUTUBER: Maya, The Bubble E1

I might have taken my eyes away 


He wanted to be friends.... Well this has gone wrong. :)

Nice game tho, continue the good work bud!


does this game have an ending 


This game felt like FNaF to me (in a good way) and it was a really impressive game! The shadows and light looks really amazing and suited the pixel like graphics. The way the fridge moved, sounded and spoke was great and well done, even the little doll on the right was a good hidden-like addition! The room was well done, with multiple papers everywhere trying to tell a story about the fridge and also the backstory of other people.

Main problem I had was that I didn't know how to move and place objects. I did see other walkthroughs and they somehow could freely move things and place the magnets on the fridge, but I couldn't no matter how I tried. I might have missed something so it's probably my fault, but maybe a quick tutorial on how the controls work might be a good thing. If not, you could just put them on the papers that are strewn on the floor so after some exploration, the player could find it and realise what to do.

Other than that, it was a great game and super fun to play! Great job and good luck!

Hi, thanks for the great video! 
Of course, it's our fault that we made the controls not obvious. We were in a hurry to get everything done in a week. To move items, you have to hover the cursor and hold the LMB.


Even after I solved the game, replaying it sends a shiver up my spine whenever the demonic ramblings begin, very well done!


i had alot of fun with this game the papers where kinda annoying but its a very unique type of horror game that does not come around often especially with a demon inside a fridge lol.


This is an absolutely amazing game, i love the style, the not quite known story, and the tense atmosphere, and game-play

P.s. This reminded me of Control, and SCP-173


Let's just say I took my eyes off the fridge... (Game 2) 

Very unique and creepy, although I wish you could do more in the game. All and all the game was good and served it's purpose. keep up the good work, can't wait to see what you make in the future!
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